Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Update

I know that I haven't updated in awhile so I thought that I would fill everyone in on how the transition to Arkansas has gone.

The moving process was quite an experience. The movers showed up an hour late and took 10 hours to load our stuff while we tried to keep three tired and restless kids out of the way. I actually had the house all clean before they were finished loading the truck and we waited patiently to be able to drive off. Our hope was to be able to drive at least two hours and knock some time off our trip. Unfortunately, the kids were so tired that we only made it out of the city and then we stopped for the night. It did help even being able to take one hour off of the trip though.

We have had a little bit of a whirlwind since we've been here. We closed the day after arriving in Little Rock and my in-laws graciously watched our kids for many days as we tried to paint and unpack to a point where the kids could be here with us. We have been in the house a full week now and we are starting to get settled in. We have most of the boxes unpacked, painting/portraits are up as of last night, and I am beginning to get everyone in a routine. We are really enjoying the house. It's nice to have so much space! It's much more than we need (which I never thought I would say) but I am thankful to not all be on top of each other anymore. The biggest blessing for me is moving from 1 bathroom to 3. I never thought that something so simple could make so much difference! : )

As far as Cuatro is concerned, I am 34 1/2 weeks and I am trying not to wish the time away. I am ready to be done being pregnant. I feel okay but not great and I can tell that I'm getting tired really easily. The downside of not being pregnant anymore is that means summer will be over. Kate will be in 1st grade and free time will be cut down drastically. Plus, having a newborn changes your level of freedom for quite a while (at least for us). I want to enjoy these last few weeks with the kids. I want them to enjoy some fun summer activities despite the fact that I'm uncomfortable and we have a ton of stuff to do around the house. It is definitely going to be a challenge though.

I'm hoping to have some house pics and a new pregnancy pic soon. I have gotten to the stage when everyone wants to make a comment on how big I am or how big the baby is. Nothing like 6 weeks of those type of comments to really boost your self-esteem. lol! : )

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