Thursday, July 31, 2008

37 weeks 3 days

We are trying to wait patiently for the newest member of Team Larsen but man it's hard! The kids are super excited. They ask every day if tomorrow is the day that the baby will be here. My doctors appt was a little more encouraging this week. I am making some progress but no where near where I usually am at this point. It's so interesting to see how this pregnancy has been different! If I would have predicted how this would have gone, it definitely wouldn't be a slower progression toward labor. But, that's why childbirth is one of those unpredictable things in life. : )I am enjoying time with the kids. We have been swimming quite a bit (since Arkansas is hotter than any place on earth) and enjoying all of the space to run and play in our new house. It has definitely been a blessing to have the added room! This time is always when I'm torn between wanting to relish the last days with my other kids and longing for the chance to meet our newest. I guess it's part of the lifelong lesson of living in the moment!

It has been really sweet to see the kids spending time together before bed at night. They have shared a room for so long that I think they kind of miss having that time together before they go to sleep. Kate as been reading to Luke before bed and I love to see them cuddled up under that canopy.

Part of the way that Kate has been showing excitement for the baby's arrival is by wrapping up random things in our house as "gifts" for the baby. It's usually something that she has come across in the playroom that she thinks he might like and that she doesn't want anymore. She also made a sign with his name on it for the pack n play in our room. She had it decorated with a leopard print scarf and some pink blankets but after explaining the suffocation risks she decided that it might be best to remove those. She's such a loving big sister!

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