Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving forward

They finally started the demo work on the kitchen this week. They came in and torn the old backsplash off and removed the counter top. Now I don't even have to open a drawer to get out what I need. I guess that's at least one way that this "kitchen remodel" has actually made my life easier. :)
This is what the island looks like since the cabinet guys wanted everything cleared out of the old cabinets. They didn't want a catastrophe in case there was a problem when they put the new ones in. Just adding to the order in our house...

Also, you can see the crockpot squeezed into the corner spot on the island. This kitchen remodel is putting a crimp in my frugality but I vowed that this week would be different. So there it is...dinner amidst chaos.
Here's where things start to get exciting! Some of our new cabinets are in! This really was the first day that I started to get excited about this whole pipe breaking/kitchen remodel fiasco. I guess I could finally start to get a visual for how things are going to look. There's hope in sight!

I'm so excited to get glass doors in the kitchen! They are one of my favorite kitchen additions.

Demo team II is coming tomorrow morning to tear up all of the tile in the kitchen, bath and laundry room. Thankfully my in-laws have invited us over to enjoy a mess free meal with them.
Hopefully we'll be repaying the favor by Christmas! More updates to come!