Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little me time...

As a homeschooling mother of four little ones, I rarely have any "me time".  Usually,  it's because there are 5 other "me's" in the house that demand my attention.  SOMETIMES though, it's because I feel terribly guilty taking "me time" because that means that something else will have to be sacrificed and for me that's hard.

Lately, I have been reminded over and over about how important it is for my WHOLE family for me to have "me time".  AND, today is THURSDAY!  (I'm sure wondering why the exclamation point but here it come)  On Thursdays I have FIVE hours with no kids!  Now, I know that seems like a lot but usually it's spent running all of the errands that need to be done for the week but today I actually have some down time. So, part of my "me time" is going to be updating this blog because for the love of all things yummy, I've got to start updating more than once a quarter!  And, you're in luck, because instead of hearing about all of the craziness from this traveling circus I'm running, you get to hear about me!

So, here I am...
A couple of weeks ago,  our family and friends graciously agreed to watch our kids for the weekend so that Chris and I could go to New Mexico for a pathology conference.  Luckily, it was the same weekend as the Balloon Fiesta, which neither of us had ever been to, so we were excited to have the chance to experience it.
This is my sweet and loving husband, who was bitter that he wasn't riding in one of the hot air balloons and refused to wave to any of the balloon navigators (I'm not really sure what you call those guys).  I promise you this...the next time I post pictures from the balloon fiesta it will be with him IN a balloon and not standing next to them. :)

Here are a few pictures of the mass ascension...

Yes, that is a GIGANTIC blow torch that they are using to blow that thing up!!  I was trying to stand as close as I could every time one aired so I could stay warm.  It was like standing by a fireplace!

Here are just a few of our favorites!

Thanks for putting up with a little "me" time!  And thanks again to the Larsens and Pledgers for watching our herd of kids so we could go!  It was a much needed break!! :)