Thursday, August 19, 2010

Larsen Academy 2010

We are almost finished with week 3 of Larsen Academy and I am JUST NOW getting pictures up! Adding that fourth kiddo has really put a kink in my blogginess. But, I guess my new blog motto is going to be "better late than never" and my one last blog reader (my mother-in-law) will have a chance to see the first day of school pictures.

Here's a classic Caleb pose. He just turned 4 on Tues and he's ready to rule the world!

Luke is starting 1st grade and is bringing the thunder! He is super excited and is fully embracing his first year at Larsen academy. I think he likes being able to hang upside down while he does his math and being able to play Star Wars during "recess".

Kate is starting 3rd grade and is VERY excited to not be the sole member of Larsen Academy this year. She's NOT so excited that she will ALWAYS, for the REST OF HER LIFE, have more school work than her brothers simply because she was born first. But having Luke home helps smooth that over at least a little.
This is probably one of the reasons that I don't blog much anymore. It's virtually impossible to get all four of my kids to cooperate for even one picture. I even bribed them and got nothing. Oh,'s the crew.

We are super excited to have our year underway. Hopefully we'll have much more to share in the weeks to come!!!

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