Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Past

Four years of Christmas...

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

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It's fun to watch our family grow! What sweet memories!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy's Little Angels

Today at Bible Study the boys made gifts to bring home. They are both sweet and funny at the same time.
Here are pictures of my little angels...


John Patrick

And last but not least...Caleb

Is that real?? I laugh out loud everytime I look at that! That's stinkin' hilarious!!
These paper plates will definitely become treasured family heirlooms.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cookie Confession

Today the kids' advent surprise was new cookie cutters to be able to use when we made Christmas cookies this afternoon.
As always, I was hopeful for a fun and memorable time making cookies with my sweet children. First problem, I am not a baker and I greatly dislike making sugar cookies. I'm TERRIBLE at it! How in the world do people get their children to work fast enough to be able to cut the cookies out without the dough becoming too warm?? Anyway, after I got the oldest kids to stop hording cookie cutters, at least THEIR attitude was somewhat enjoyable.
I, on the other hand, was a little hectic and anxious. Why wouldn't they just stop using the dough like playdoh? How could it be that the dough had only been out of the fridge long enough to be rolled out and it was ALREADY too warm to work with? Anyway, after only 10 cookies being cut out, we were done. I claimed that it was because the rest of their dough needed to harden up in the fridge but really I just needed a break. Wow! A whole 15 minutes of cookie making! They loved it, of course. But I have realized that cut out cookies are not my specialty. Nor do I enjoy the process. Maybe that is a good tradition for them to enjoy with Gabby next year. : )

Random picture: What is it about the baby gym that makes EVERY child want to get on it?
And yes, those are baby nail clippers in my 2 year olds mouth. Hmmm...I'll try for mommy of the year next year. : )
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Guest Blogger

Hi! My name is Kate.

Today I am going to write about school. On Wednesday, I am going to make a gingerbread house. Then on Friday I am going to have a Polar Express Party. So on thurs I have to do my math facts and my spelling test. Because on Friday when I usually do my math facts I am going to have my Polar Express party.

At my Polar Express Party, I'm going to see Santa Claus. Santa Claus said we would be back at school before the day was over.
The End

Why is it...

Why is it that babies don't poop for days and then for two days straight they poop out of every outfit they own?

Why is it that when my kids have the whole day to play together they fuss and fight but when they have 2 1/2 minutes before time to leave for school they can get into imaginary play that would last for hours if left alone?

Why is it that I can consume nothing but water for three days and not lose weight but I if I LOOK at the chocolate chip cake when I walk through the kitchen, I gain 5 lbs?

Why is it that my husband can eat half of the chocolate chip cake and actually be thinner when he's done?

Why is it that my youngest child will sleep for hours when everyone is running around crazy but when everyone is quiet he refuses to take a nap and grant me some free time?

Why is it that I can never get ALL of my children to sleep through the night at the same time?

Why is it that I always have a million things to do until I actually have time to do them; then I just stand paralyzed wondering what needs to be done?

Why is it that kids seem so grown up at the time and then the next year, when you look at pictures, they seem so little?

Why is it that no matter how caught up on laundry I am, someone is always missing a piece of clothing they need?

Why is it that as soon as I mop the floor someone will spill something or pee on it?

Just some random thoughts from a mother of four...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This year the Larsens, by default, ended up with a real Christmas tree. (Chris got mad at the end of last season and threw our artificial tree out and we had fogotten until we went to get it out of the attic this year) Needless to say...we have a REAL tree!

We spent Sunday evening decorating the tree. It was so fun to share all of our Christmas memories with the kids as we decorated. They REALLY enjoyed it! The big kids are at such a fun age! It's been neat to see them beginning to remember our Christmas traditions.

This is what Caleb did for most of the time...

Kate felt strongly that we have a picture in front of the tree. So here we are (minus the napping John Patrick).
You can also notice the hole where John Patrick's stocking will go. will be interesting to see if I can pull that one off.
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