Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Team Larsen has been in need of a vacation for a few weeks now.  
Well,  maybe some of us more than others.
Regardless...TODAY IS OUR DAY!  We are all getting to enjoy a time of rest today and I'm so thankful.  No place to be.  Nothing pressing to do.  No one coming to visit.  Just rest!
Here's what rest looks like around these parts...

John Patrick is having a little breakfast...without clothes.  Who knows really??
 T.V.!!!  My kids are in dreamland!
 Oh, and here's mr. nudie tudie in to join the t.v. watching party.
 And my rest and relaxation!
Not that this is something unusual around here.  But today I stayed in bed until 7:40 and so this is a treat to myself rather than a life sustaining drink. :)  What a beautiful day!