Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cookie Confession

Today the kids' advent surprise was new cookie cutters to be able to use when we made Christmas cookies this afternoon.
As always, I was hopeful for a fun and memorable time making cookies with my sweet children. First problem, I am not a baker and I greatly dislike making sugar cookies. I'm TERRIBLE at it! How in the world do people get their children to work fast enough to be able to cut the cookies out without the dough becoming too warm?? Anyway, after I got the oldest kids to stop hording cookie cutters, at least THEIR attitude was somewhat enjoyable.
I, on the other hand, was a little hectic and anxious. Why wouldn't they just stop using the dough like playdoh? How could it be that the dough had only been out of the fridge long enough to be rolled out and it was ALREADY too warm to work with? Anyway, after only 10 cookies being cut out, we were done. I claimed that it was because the rest of their dough needed to harden up in the fridge but really I just needed a break. Wow! A whole 15 minutes of cookie making! They loved it, of course. But I have realized that cut out cookies are not my specialty. Nor do I enjoy the process. Maybe that is a good tradition for them to enjoy with Gabby next year. : )

Random picture: What is it about the baby gym that makes EVERY child want to get on it?
And yes, those are baby nail clippers in my 2 year olds mouth. Hmmm...I'll try for mommy of the year next year. : )
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Bugs and Sunshine said...

Oh. My. Dear. Lord. Help. Me. YOUR HAIR IS SOOOOO CUTE.


I've been catchin' up on your blog and it's been fun.

I'm having a fit over your hair in the pic in front of the tree. Very cute!

Tricia said...

Okay - thank you SO MUCH for that post. I thought it was just me...

Last year after days of anticipation we were 20 minutes in and I was like... wow, this is just a huge mess. We ended up with flour everywhere, and about six cookies that they actually cut out themselves.

The decorating went much better... except for the fighting over the icing colors. HA!

Great pictures. That black and white one of Kate is just beautiful. :-)