Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just my luck...

FYI: After taking this picture, my husband informed me that black is slimming. I'm going to take that as a compliment. : )

I reached the 36 week mark yesterday. Yeah! I also had my OB appt. with my first dilation check. Now understand, I am fully aware that these checks have absolutely no real insight into when the baby will actually arrive but it still has always helped me make it through the last few challenging weeks. That being said, I went to the doctor with high hopes of some action.

The Dr. checked and actually said "Do you normally dilate later?" I was crushed! No, I don't dilate later! I have dilated early with every pregnancy. By 36 weeks I'm usually at a 2 if not almost a 3. What in the world! Not only is it discouraging, considering that I've been working like a mule for the last month and walking the stairs 17 times a day, but unless I am dilating we can't even talk about induction (and you all know that I'm a big fan of that!)

That was some of the worst news that I've heard. I'm sure that God is trying to teach me patience and to trust his timing. What a fun lesson to learn! : ) I go again next week and hopefully I'll have better news to share. Even though I am more than ready for this baby to come out, it would probably be best for him to come in August. It so hard to wait!!

We did get out on thurs to go to the peach orchard. The kids had tons of fun and we had a yummy peach crisp to show for it!

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