Friday, November 2, 2007

What a fun Halloween!!

Okay, I will apologize on the front end for the lack luster pictures of the kids. I am constantly reminded that it is virtually impossible to photograph children, especially when one of them is a 1 year old.

This year Kate decided to go as a fairy. I was so proud that she actually kept all of her fairy garb on so that people could somewhat recognize what she was wanting to be. The first couple of Halloween outings we had she would shed her gear at the beginning as to not draw attention to herself, which then made it look like she was trying to be a ballerina and that was of course traumatizing. Hmmm...the life of mothering a shy child.

Luke on the other hand had picked out three great superhero costumes and was rotating between them. So, of course, on Halloween I set out his choices: Batman, Superman, Mr. Incredible (my personal favorite). Instead, he dug to the bottom of the dress-up tub and found the 99 cent Buzz Lightyear costume that looks like 12 kids have worn it before him. I tried to convince him that there were better options, mostly to save my own mommy reputation. I finally gave up the fight, humbled myself and allow him the freedom of choice and of course he was thrilled all night with his decision.

As you can see, Caleb was Batman. My nephew Wilson had these Batman pjs when he was little and so they were perfect for Caleb this year. Plus they were free which helped my tightwad nature!

These pictures are all kind of funny, I think. You can see that Luke LOVES to bother Caleb (poke him, rub his head, and any sort of general pestering)! Caleb is a pretty good sport for the most part but I have a feeling that Luke's time will come before too long!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! For us, it becomes more and more
fun every year! And for all of those who were concerned...Chris was able to
convince the kids to choose dark chocolate as often as possible during our trick or treating adventure, which is his ultimate goal each year. It was a productive Halloween for all!
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