Monday, November 12, 2007

The Perfect Picture

On Sunday morning, Chris and I realized that it would be the perfect day to try to take our family Christmas card picture. The boys were already wearing matching sweaters (the curse of not having two girls) and Kate, Chris and I were miraculously all coordinated.
As is the ususal case with trying to photograph three children 5 and under, it was a struggle to get cooperation. I will say that the big kids were doing fairly well considering that we had bribed them. Caleb is our wildman at this point, though. He loves to be free and, as all Larsen children, possesses an incredible will and stubbornness. I spent most of my time chasing him from spot to spot and then having him kick the crap out of me as I tried to get him to at least look in the general vicintity of the camera.
Unfortunately, I didn't include those pictures.

This is a sweet picture of Luke as he is the "guinea pig of placement" while Chris sets up the tripod

This is Kate swinging from a lamp post. Typical Kate. : )
The next picture is of me holding Caleb after he fell face first down the brick steps, ruining our chances of actually getting a picture that would work for the Christmas card. I'm actually holding a dirty sock on his nose to stop the bleeding. NICE!!!

As frustrating as it was to lugg everyone over there and spend all of that time and energy trying to get just one picture to work, I guess this is just life. And as Jon and Kate plus 8 says, "It might be a crazy life, but it's our life". lol

So here it is up that's not marker or ketchup. It's his first losing fight with a set of brick steps. I'm sure it won't be the last.
By the time THAT heals, we will probably be sending out New Year's cards!
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Tricia said...

Yes... crazy, I know - crazy IN LOVE WITH BON JOVI! HA!! Once upon a time I loved Bret Michaels too, but he didn't age so well...

Hey, thanks for the weight loss shout out. It hasn't been easy, but I'm getting there!

Those pics of the kids are so cute! I could so relate to your Christmas card story... it's like they know what you're trying to accomplish and are conspiring against it for fun! Tessa is a nightmare to photograph - she often literally refuses to look at the camera!

I love the Halloween costumes! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

annawanamaker said...

oh please tell me i am not laughing because your baby got hurt. how are you so incredibly funny my friend?!?!! love the necklace and hair! i wore my necklace like that on my birthday, and thought of you. i wore it with a gray shirt, jeans and black shoes. btw, target has the cutest flats right now, around $22, and so cute with jeans, they come in brown and black.