Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jumpin' on the Grateful Train...

I took that title from my friend Trisha. I really liked it! I decided just now as I was reading some of my friends blogs that it would be good for me to sit down and think about some of the things that I'm thankful for. Now, these are not premeditated so read at your own risk. I just know that I am at a place where I'm trying to embrace the idea of "not blinking" (thanks Kenny Chesney). I just want to enjoy every detail of this sweet yet challenging stage in life. So, here's my brainstorm of things that I'm thankful for... (reminder, these will not be in order of importance)

1. Kenny Chesney's song "Don't Blink"

2. I'm thankful that my shy, timid daughter stood up on stage today, held up her drawing of the 1st thanksgiving feast and said (slowly and loudly) "The first Thanksgiving, called a harvest feast, was eaten outside". That was her designated part as her class retold the story of the First Thanksgiving. I cried. Not because the Thanksgiving feast was such a moving thing but because I understand what a triumph that was for her and I was so proud!

3. I'm thankful that Chris was able to sneak away from all of the craziness at work today and that he didn't miss her! It was a great surprise!

4. I'm thankful that Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper tend to rotate being on sale from week to week.

5. I'm thankful that I have been blessed with some very sweet, special and deep friendships.

6. I'm thankful that Chris and I have made it through 8 years of marriage and he hasn't once tried to send me back. : ) (Not that he hasn't thought about it!)

7. I'm thankful that God hand-picked the perfect house for us here in Atlanta. There could not be a more perfect place to raise children.

8. I'm thankful that Caleb is actually taking a nap today and it is happening simultaneously with the kids' tv time!!!

9. I'm thankful that I have a mom who has set a fabulous example of how to be a mom.

10. I'm thankful for my three children and all of the ways that they challenge and enrich my life!

11. I'm thankful for the internet. Just have to be honest. I would probably be nutso if I didn't have a way to escape this craziness for a while!

Okay, so those are the first few things that come to my mind. I can only pray that my heart will become more and more thankful. And, hopefully at times other than Thanksgiving!

Here are just a couple of supplemental pictures. Luke and I made cookies the other day and he and Caleb were fascinated with watching them bake.

Here are Kate and Luke having team spirit even though, let's be honest, do the Razorbacks really deserve our team spirit? (please don't leave me any nasty comments about that statement)


Emily said...

Two things- First, those cookies Luke made were really good and I was really wanting some this afternoon. Second, perhaps God hand-picked the house, but Rob and I would like credit for finding it first and pressuring you to buy it.Because that's the sort of friends we are.

annawanamaker said...

you can also be thankful that when you move back sonic has brought back happy hour from 2-4 every afternoon.(can't remember if you have sonic in atl). half price cokes baby! oh yeah! great blog, very fun! love ya! ps...we had a grat night last night and this morning has been really good so far-yeah.