Thursday, November 29, 2007

10 Things I love about Atlanta

It has been brought to my attention by my sweet in-laws that at times my blog sounds like I need a stiff drink. : ) So, I thought that in light of our up coming move, I would reflect on a few of the things that I love and have gained from my time here in the ATL.

1. Wheat germ and flax seed: I'm pretty sure that I would have NEVER thought that they would become a regular part of my food preparation and lifestyle. That's one of the advantages of becoming friends with crunchy people. : ) Now, both of those items are staples in our diet.

2. Tofu: Okay, I'm actually scared for myself about how crunchy I sound but yes, we have added tofu to our diet and I'm proud of it!

3. CFLs: Not only do I love them for their effect on the environment but I love that they aide my frugality!

4: Going Green: So, this is definitely something that has come about from our time in Atlanta. I don't think that I ever really thought much about environmental issues before that. (I hate to admit that) But we attended a series of talks called "God is Green" and I learned so much that I was really motivated to change as many "un-green" habits as I could.

5. Fun things to do in Atlanta: Jessica Hutson told me before we moved here that there was a ton of fun stuff to do and she was right. We LOVE all of the fun options there are for us as a family. Even apart from the things like the Aquarium, ZooAtlanta, and Stone Mountain, it's nice to be a couple of hours from the beach and a couple of hours from the mountains. We LOVE to be outside and it's been so nice to have all of those things nearby.

6. The Adamsons: I could write a whole post on what a gift the Adamsons are to us. But I won't. I'll just say that I am so thankful for their friendship and that they have enough kids that they aren't scared off by our crazy family. They are the hardest thing to leave here!

7. Dekalb Farmers Market: Okay, this is neck in neck with the Adamsons for the hardest thing to leave. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this place is. You just have to experience it for yourself.

8. My new kitchen: I love it and I will be so sad to leave it. Especially my super fancy oven that chris bought. I wanted to put that into the house sale negotiations but he wouldn't go for it. Oh, well. At least I'll have a few more months with it.

9. North Georgia Premium Outlets: I'm sure that Emily is crying right now just thinking about them. Even though I'm not a huge shopper, there's just something nice about knowing that there's a Pottery Barn Outlet here if you need it. : )

10. My new headband: Shallow I know, but this is one of my latest favorite things about Atlanta. Super cute!!!

Well, there they are. Just the first things off the top of my head. We have loved our time here and will be so sad to leave. I have no doubt that there will be more emoting to come!


Tricia said...

Heather - thanks for your comments and your encouragement!! I'm finally beginning to see some differences - and some days I want to cry too! HA! I can't believe y'all will be back in a few months! That's great! You'll have to share some of your "going green" tips. And I love that headband!

I meant to respond to your earlier post - God Bless Kate for getting up there in front of everyone for Thanksgiving and saying her part! That's fabulous! I love that "don't blink" song too.

Take care, friend!

Emily said...

I am crying right now. I really need the Carters outlet, because I can't keep cramming the chickens into their 12 to 18 month pajamas much longer, because Lauren is technically wearing 2T now.
Also, when you move from Atlanta, you're going to find yourself trying to explain the whole Stone Mountain phenomena in a way that doesn't make yourself sound like someone who is secretly pulling for the South to rise again. I wish I'd been warned- but at least you can start preparing now.
Why is it, do you think, that I have such a hard time pulling off headbands right now? I think they make my head look funny.

annawanamaker said...

what is up with that insanely cute headband?! that is off the charts cute! you solved a dilemna i was having. after reading this blog, i am pretty sure you are the reason i have/well had wheat germ and flax seed. a few weeks ago, shane cleaned the pantry out and found the unopened bottle of wheat germ. i didn't know why the heck i had it or what i was supposed to do with it. once i read this blog, i vaguely remembered you and i going to sonic for cheese sticks and cokes on one of your visits, and maybe you were telling me about the products?!! or maybe i am just crazy, because random things like a bottle of wheat germ often come home from the store with me, things that i'm not sure what the use for them is, but it just feels right and healthy to see it in my buggy!