Friday, December 7, 2007

Merry Christmas to all

I love Christmas! But who doesn't...well, maybe Chris. But, I won't get sidetracked with that right now.
After Thanksgiving we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations and started on one of my favorite parts of the holiday season, THE TREE!
Even though the initial stages of setting up the tree are frustrating, I really enjoy pulling out each ornament and being thankful for the various stages in our life together and for the memories of friendship and love that they bring. The kids are at such a fun age for this too! They really enjoy putting all of the ornaments up and they like to hear the stories of where they all came from and why they are meaningful. It's just a sweet time!

Now I'm not really sure what Caleb did for most of the decorating process other than his usual getting into stuff.
He was intruiged with the star for quite a while and I tried to allow him the freedom to participate even if it was only playing with the plug of the star. lol!

Obviously that was a really hard job because he crashed on the couch afterwards! It's hard being a one year old!

We hope that you and your family enjoy this holiday season and experience sweet and memorable time together!
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annawanamaker said...

1. i didn't remember you having a stone fireplace, but i love the mosaic vase on top. is it woodburning?

2. caleb is so sweet laying on your sassy red couch that i'm so happy you ended up buying because it is super cute.

3. the outfit you have on is PERFECT for your necklace. think mullet with that outfit-short/long, business on top party on the bottom, whatever you ned to say to trigger the perfect layering technique for this outfit-short layer near neck on top, long layer hanging down.

ok bye.