Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Snack Mom...

Well, it's a holiday so in typical Larsen fashion all of the kids are sick.
Not only are they all sick, but I signed up in Aug. to be in charge of snack this week
for Kate's kindergarten class. So while Kate has been lying on the couch watching
cartoons, all the other kids in her class have been enjoying all of the fun Halloween
themed snacks that I had so lovingly prepared for her. : )
That's just how it goes's not her fault that she's sick.
But it made it hard last night when it was 10:30, I was working on an average of 4 hours of sleep for my 3rd day in a row, and it was my job to make the cupcakes for the class Halloween party today. Of course at that point, I wasn't too hopeful that Kate would even be
going to school today but in true "Sanders" fashion there was no way that I could send "plain" cupcakes
regardless of whether my child would enjoy them or not.
So, here they are...

They turned out nicely, and I'm sure my mom would be proud.
And for the record, Kate went to school... so she won't miss out on her cupcakes.
She didn't go in costume though because she's so shy that she doesn't like to draw attention to herself (much like her mother, lol)and I didn't bother to explain that being the only child in the whole school without a costume actually drew more attention to you but I did convince her that she should at least wear her Halloween shirt.

So, even though she doesn't realize all of the work and love that went into those Jack o Lantern cupcakes, it warms my heart that she's not missing out on the fun of a holiday celebration!

Stay tuned for costume pictures!!!
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annawanamaker said...

OHHH, that stinks that the kiddies are sick :(. OK Martha, I am amazed at the cupcakes AND the great shot you got of them. You are a real renaissance woman!