Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

I have a number of friends who have blogs and who have other friends who have blogs and it never fails that I waste half of my time reading people's blogs that I have only met once or have no idea even who they are. I was reading a blog tonight of a girl that I knew in college. As I looked at the pictures of her and her family, I found myself thinking "they look like they have such a fun family", "look how sweet her kids look", etc. Then one unhealthy thought leads to another and the next thing you know I'm drinking hard liquor in my bath robe on the couch at 10 in the morning. It's funny how sweet kids/families look in pictures. It reminded me of these pictures that I took of our kids the other day at the park.
I look at them and it reminds me of how sweet they are but I have to admit that for at least 1/3 of the day (maybe even 1/2) I feel like they are holy terrors sent to destroy me and each other.

They have a master plan and it consists primarily of pursuing emotional and physical destruction. It's amazing that any of us are alive at the end of the day.

Now you have to hear what I'm saying...I LOVE my children. Each one of them is a blessing to me and I would NEVER trade being a stay at home mom for anything else. But, I just like to remind myself and others that pictures tend to capture the best moments. I can't get caught up in comparing myself or my family with the way that other people "portray" themselves. I tend to be an overly honest person anyway so there aren't too many people that get a false image of my life. But I'll do my best to portray the real life happenings on this blog. If nothing else, it will make everyone else feel really great about themselves and their parenting! : )


Melissa Johnston said...

Well said Heather! You do have a sweet family, by the way!

Tricia said...

Amen... girl! I know exactly what you mean! I second Melissa's comment too!

Love those pictures though - beautiful!
Tricia :-)