Monday, October 29, 2007

The Larsen Family Pumpkins

Well, here they are...
I know that everyone has been on the edge of their seat to see the Larsen family
represented in pumpkins.

Please note that everyone was suppose to choose a pumpkin that represented themself.
I felt like Kate and Luke's choice of "pumpkins bigger than Daddy and Mommy's"
says a lot about how things go down in our family.
I would also like you to notice that my pumpkin (the 1st carved of the season) is already starting to get all nasty and funky. It probably won't even make it to Halloween.
Also, very telling... lol!

Each child was able to draw their own face. It made for difficult carving but definitely an interesting show.
And I have no idea why Chris decided to reflect himself as the angry, evil pumpkin.
I've been rather concerned about that if I do say so myself.

None the less,

Happy Halloween From our Pumpkin Family To Yours!!

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annawanamaker said...

OK, that is stinkin' awesome! You guys are natural artists! Martha said something about putting petroleum jelly in the crevices of the pumpkin eyes and other places where there is an opening?! That would probably be more effort than it is worth though :). Those pumpkins are fabulous though, very cool pictures! Be looking for our ghetto pumkin, I'm saving it for Halloween :)!

annawanamaker said...

i do know that pumpkin has a p in it, they need spell check on these things :)