Thursday, May 22, 2008

27 1/2 weeks

Well, I am 27 weeks and 3 days. This is the official beginning of my third trimester which is somewhat exciting. I am still feeling pretty well, which I am SOOO thankful for. If I could just convince everyone in the family to embrace picking things up off of the floor so that mommy doesn't have to then life would be near perfect. : )
I am really enjoying time with the kids and I'm excited about having time this summer to relax and do some fun things as a family of five. I know that it won't be too long until I'm writing another blog about how the summer is making me nutso but right now we are all looking forward to it. Today was Luke's last day of school and tomorrow is Kate's kindergarten program so there's lots of excitement around the Larsen household these days.
We are also in the final stages of our time here in Atlanta. It is definitely bittersweet! We are beginning the closure process as we do things for the last time. It seems like everyday there is someone that we see for the last time. It's sad but I guess it's all part of the leaving process. It will be interesting to see how these next few weeks go.
Also, coming soon...the 7 month pregnancy pic! Whoohoo!

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Niki said...

Hey Chris and family!This is Niki Nickols from Conway.  I have no idea how it is even possible that I am looking at pictures of your family but I am loving it!  I hope you are doing well--loved seeing your wife and three children and reading a little about your life.  Taylor is graduating from High School tomorrow--as you can imagine, his mommy is not looking forward to all of it.  He is moving to Knoxville to go to school--which is a little far for me.  Anyway, I will try to keep posted on the delivery of your new baby.  Congratulations!  I don't know your cute wifes name. I have looked everywhere I know to on the blog! Anyway, hope you are doing well.