Monday, May 19, 2008

Being the third child...

This is some unique knowledge that Caleb, our third child, possesses at the ripe old age of 21 months...

*There is a social stigma that goes along with the following things:

Sitting in a booster seat, rather than a big chair.

Having a cup with a lid.

Allowing your mother to give you anything other than the full rectangle of graham cracker.

*You must fight to the death to keep your reputation among the other children in the family from being ruined by the previous things mentioned.

*The word "mine" must be used both frequently and loudly in order to get the full effect.

*If you need help in doing something, your best bet is to yell for your siblings first. Regardless of how wise or safe the action is, they will almost always assist you.

And finally,

* When your mother is pregnant with her fourth child, you have the upperhand. Not only can she not carry you effectively but when you are allowed to walk you are much faster than she is. This is the perfect time to break away, run and have your way doing whatever you want. By the time she catches up with you, you will have had plenty of fun!

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