Monday, June 2, 2008

28 weeks

Well, here it 28 week picture from last week. I'm still feeling pretty good and I'm trying to remember that as much as I would like for this baby to go ahead and make it's way out, ultimately a few more weeks without a newborn is what's needed most right now.

We're down to 3 weeks until the move and 11 weeks until cuatro's arrival! Exciting times!!!
This is a picture of Chris and the big kids being silly. It's really just here for your enjoyment! : )
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kim said...

You look so good! And that dress looks so cute on you! This is a very flattering picture. I think you look smaller than the last picture.

Chris said...

I have never seen a sexier pregnant woman in all my life!

Tricia said...

You look beautiful! I'd have to agree... I think you look smaller too. Great dress. :-)