Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wabi-Sabi and thoughts on Contentment

***Warning:the following post is full of grammatical errors. This is not for the grammatically sensitive...
I want to start by saying that I LOVE authenticity and anyone who knows me well, knows that. It is probably one of the things that I value most in life and in people whom I know. I strive to be as authentic as I can and I want my life to reflect that.

As you know, I have been on a journey to create a home that is a safe haven and place of peace for my family. I am trying to embrace the fact that their is beauty in imperfection (and let me tell you there is a lot of that around here).

Where does Wabi-Sabi fit into all of this??

"Pared down to its barest essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature….It’s simple, slow, and uncluttered-and it reveres authenticity above all."

In many ways, this is part of what I desire for our lives. I want to embrace all of the imperfections in my home and not make excuses for them. I want to value the wear and tear that life brings to this place. This IS where life happens isn't it? I want to have a home where people come and feel immediately comfortable. A cozy place where they are free to put their feet on the coffee table and sit by the fire in their socks if they want, an inviting place where people feel at home. I want people to come and relax in the midst of our authenticity and not feel the need to put on airs.

That's where contentment comes in. None of this will happen if I wallow in discontentment. There is a peace that comes from being with someone who is content where they are and with what they have. I want that to be my life. Plus, discontentment is expensive. It's expensive as far as trying to find joy and value in material possessions and it's emotionally expensive because it costs you your joy and peace. May we all find beauty in the imperfections and contentment where we are.

And, now the new mantra...wabi-sabi.

Coming soon...a post on frugality, my other passion. : )


Jennifer P. said...

there is for sure something to be said about living minimally! Good luck to you on your journey to love the every day!

So glad you came and had a laugh at my blog today :)

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I learned something new! I never knew about "Wabi-Sabi", but I like it!

Marti said...

Heather, I really like this idea. It has really inspired to me try the same! Please keep us updated on how it works for you, I would love to hear your updates!