Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help, friends!

Okay, I need to spice up my blog layout. Problemo...I don't know how. So, all of you blog savvy friends out there, help a girl out. I need any advice that you can give. For example, how in the world do I get pictures and such on the side of my blog. Please excuse my ignorance...
I'll be waiting to hear from you!


ATLKrafts said...

start by looking under layout-- what i do is just start looking under all the tabs, and i eventually find what I am looking for (and other things along the way)-- maybe I am not very savvy, but it works!

Tricia said...

Here is the website I know.

Fine the one you want. Then go to your blog, and to layout. Click "add a gadget". Then go to HTLM/Java Script. Copy the code from the background you want - then save. Save changes.

That's all I know... all the other ones I tried messed everything up!

Good luck!
Tricia :-)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

loved your last post!

and you are so right. discontentment is expensive.

wabi-sabi-i love it!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

if you want to come over one day this week i can get your page going while the kids play.

Amanda said...

Hey Heather,
go to layout and "add a gadget" then you can add what you click edit and then you can add a picture, music from or a background from cutestblogontheblock.
That is not probably exact, but will get you going. Go check mine out and you can see the side thingys...I love the can create playlists, me Amanda