Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Country Folk at Heart....

That's what we are (well, when I'm not longing to be a city girl again).
We long to have 500 acres of our own where our family can explore and our kids can be kids.
But since that's not possible, we have this.

No, not a post hole digger...

a garden.
Well, it's just the beginning of a garden now but in just a few months it will be a beautiful sight.

Last weekend my WONDERFUL, servanthearted father-in-law came out and helped Chris begin to build a fence. Even though it was cold, the kids LOVED being out there! They could run and explore with wide boundries. That's the life I enjoy!
I love to see my kids free to roam! They played for two hours with nothing but dirt, string, and a couple of tape measures. There's something about being outside that it just good for the Larsen soul.

I'm sure that we'll have plenty more to share over the next few months...
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