Monday, August 25, 2008

We made it!

Well, we survived our first weekend alone and I will say that it was better than I could have hoped. I can't speak for Chris but I feel like it was a somewhat normal weekend. We even made it to church on Sunday and stayed for the churchwide picnic afterward. : ) I know that it's probably harder on Chris than me because he's doing the majority of the childcare while I'm stuck in the everlong feeding sessions but overall I felt really good about how well everything went.

Today was my first full day flying solo and everything has gone really well with that too. Now, we haven't left the house yet but everyone has gotten dressed other than John Patrick and I even had a shower and put on make up. The hardest part of the day is yet to come though. In 30 minutes we have to all walk up to pick up Kate and then I have all 4 plus dinner to prepare. Thankfully, we're having a frozen meal from my in-laws. It's always surprising how even a frozen meal can be frazzling at this stage though. : ) Surely I can make it for 2 1/2 hours until my dear husband comes home. But we'll see!

Here are a couple of random pictures...just because.
Chris and the little boys. It looks like Chris is holding Caleb as a baby!

Caleb LOVES all things musical! He has started walking around with his guitar like it was part of him.

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