Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We love summer!

I love summer! I LOVE not having a schedule. I love not having many commitments. I love going out to the garden and seeing how things are growing and changing and what new produce we are going to be able to enjoy that night. Summer has transitioned into a season of peace in our lives and I really enjoy it!

Sunday was potato digging day! The potatoes were ready and since our neighbors across the street had given us a boatload of squash and chris had purchased some other fresh veggies from some local farmers we decided that we would have a Veggie dinner. That meant that we had to get out to the garden and dig those potatoes before dinner.
Unfortunately, Sunday it was about 200 degrees and we were digging potatoes right at noon. Needless to say we had some sweaty kids! But they were troopers and really worked as a team to get the job done.
One of our favorite things to do out at the garden is to take a stroll and look at what everyone else is growing. It really helped us get our mind off of the sweltering heat, at least for a little while. Then I decided that I loved my children too much to have them die of heatstroke so we loaded up the bus and took an airconditioned tour while Chris finished up a few things. I'm not so hardcore really...
Here are a few of the flowers that Kate has been growing in the garden. She LOVES to make her own little bouquet when we get home.
This is just a random picture of one of my in-laws daylilies that was blooming at the garden. It was my personal favorite.

Here's the bag of potatoes that we dug. They should last us into the fall. Nothing like eating your own potatoes to make you feel like your own version of The Pioneer Woman.

I am so not a baker but we made some yummy homemade cookies that we treated ourselves to, after our super healthy veggie dinner. That's why it's called a food pyramid people. We don't want to get all off balance, it's bad for your health!

Happy Summer!!!

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