Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone breaks out the Super Glue

Yesterday was a fun day. The big kids had cooking camp in the morning and we were invited/invited ourselves over to a friend's house for lunch and some playtime (for both mommies and kids). As usual, things were really going well. Every kid, minus John Patrick, has a friend their age to play with so we rarely hear much from them. Every so often, that becomes a bad thing...

Enter, the Super Glue. All of the kids were "experimenting" with some super glue that they had found in the garage. Understand, that NONE of them had ANY idea of what super glue was. We realized there was a problem when Kate's friend came in explaining that she had glued two of her fingers together with super glue. We quickly explained that they SHOULD NOT be playing with the super glue and luckily the little girl's fingers came unglued fairly easily.

I guess it seemed like the minor "sticking together of fingers" was funnier to Kate than it was scary because she decided "if it's funny for Addison to glue her fingers together it will be REALLY funny if I glue ALL of my fingers together" and with full Kate-like enthusiasm she liberally applied Super Glue to ALL of the fingers on her right hand and as many on her left as she could, considering all of her other fingers were already glued together.

She came into the kitchen, with a sort of worried yet mostly oblivious attitude declaring that she too had glued her fingers together with Super Glue (regardless of the fact that we had clearly instructed them not to do that, which was a point discussed in great detail after the trauma of the event was over) She was soon very surprised to realize that her fingers were NOT going to pull apart as easily as her friends and that there was a good chance of her showing up the following morning and learning to cook with a style she hadn't had the day before.

She was not too excited about me documenting this memorable moment. But, oh there will be many more discussions of this day through the years and I couldn't miss capturing it as best I could on film.

By this point, all of the fingers on her right hand were still glued together and she had separated all but two on the other hand. She spent a little time soaking her hands in a number of solutions that didn't offer much help and was reluctantly sent to her room for rest time with no real progress made.

Fortunately, during her rest time she was able to wiggle her fingers apart without removing any skin or causing in damage to her fingers. You have never seen such celebrating in a 7 year old girl!

Chalk it up to a life lesson!

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