Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool Hand Luke Rides Again!

Well, actually, for the first time!
Yesterday we decided that it was time for Luke to say goodbye to the training wheels and hello to bike riding freedom. He, on the other hand, was not so sure that it was his day. With much reservation we headed to the field by our house to give it a practice run. Chris and I took turns with the dreaded "Run behind the Bike" role (well, I took one turn). Honestly, after my run I was ready to put the training wheels back on and chalk it up to a good parenting effort. After about 15 min. of trying (I'm not a perseverer), I went over to visit with a friend that was in the area. When I got back a few minutes later, Luke was standing at the top of a small hill ready to show his stuff. I felt a little concerned but Chris looked confident so I acted hopeful. Amazingly, he hopped on that bike and pedalled full speed down the hill like a pro. I was shocked!
After about 30 mins. at the field, it was time to head home to bed. Luke was excited and wanted to try to ride on the road. We decided to give him one shot before we ushered him in, fully believing that after about 30 sec. of trying he would be done and ready to head in.
This is what happened...

That dude hopped on his bike and took off! What in the world! I guess he's a bike rider! If all of the kids would only be as easy as that. It was so fun to watch him zoom up and down the street. He loves it!!
Now, all we have to do is get him off the toddler bike and we're set. lol!
If anyone knows of a good deal on a 16 in. bike, we're interested!!!


Shayna said...

Oh, he looks so happy! Congratulations!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

that is so exciting! my parents just got l a big boy bike for his birthday. it has training wheels and i'm still nervous!