Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life at the Larsens'

My mom loves to celebrate ALL holidays. She really likes birthdays, especially her own! So, every year we all get together for a birthday weekend to celebrate how young she's getting. :)

It won't be long until she's younger than me!

This year we spent her birthday in Branson. We had a great weekend! One of the highlights for the kids was the Dinosaur Museum.

Aunt Jonte' brought the birthday cake and let all of the grandkids help decorate. They had a blast and were very proud of their creative ability.

See if you can pick out our resident treasure hunters contribution to the decorations...

We also celebrated the 100th day of school. For Kate's party she had to make a shirt with 100 pieces of something on it. We decided to go for buttons and of course Luke wanted to make one for his 100th day too...

Kate's Valentine Tea Party pics will be next!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

great job on the menu. are frittata's cooked in the oven? if so, what type of pan do you use? iron skillet?

LOVE the cake treasure! oh gosh that is funny.

Emily said...

I just got back from the store and am so frustrated. I need you to blog about how and when you buy your staples, what a good goal budget is, what your dream budget is ($15 a week?) Before the girls came, we did well grocery budget wise and were eating mostly organic, blah, blah. Then they came and we were sort of in survival mode and I'm having a hard time getting this back under control. If you can;t blog about my particular concerns, feel free to call me and talk me through it:)