Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take it to the goal...

I feel like that's what I spend most of my Saturday mornings saying. Luke is playing soccer for the Y this year and he LOVES it! He has wanted to play since he was 2 and Kate played for the Y. Every Saturday morning we head out at 8:30 for him to play. Luckily it's only two minutes from the house! It has been so exciting to watch him. He's not afraid to be aggressive and has made a goal at almost every game. He's always so proud! Here is a picture of one of his goals today. Chris was really sick this morning so I had a neighbor watch Caleb so that I didn't have both little boys by myself at the game. It was so nice AND I was actually able to take pictures for the first time!

Way to go Luke!!
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thomson family said...

He is the spittin' image of Chris! Too cute!