Saturday, April 5, 2008

Half Way There

Well, in order to keep all of my Arkansas friends from being shocked and horrified when I show up about to bust open in June, here's the second installment of pregnancy pics. I am almost 21 weeks, WOW! I think I look about 7 months pregnant in this pic but that's what happens when your body remembers it's pregnant shape better than it's nonpregnant shape. : ) The funny thing about this picture is that in the process of Chris taking it, he probably told me 5 times that black was slimming. It was hard to not take that as "Be glad. You really look a lot bigger than this in reality". On the bright side, I am very thankful to still be feeling well. Other than starting to get a little winded, I really feel pretty normal. The fourth time around I've realized that I need to embrace and enjoy this time because it's short lived. I feel like I'm doing pretty well maintaining that mindset so far! Hopefully one of the next posts will have a decision on a name other than "cuatro"! : )
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