Monday, April 28, 2008

16 weeks until Cuatro arrives!

First of all, I promise that I will not wear that headband in every pregnancy picture. Of course, I hadn't been wearing it all day and put it on before bed when Chris was finally ready to take the picture. : ) Anyway, here is the latest prego picture. I am now 6 months pregnant and things are moving fairly slowly at this point. Luckily, I feel pretty well. It's getting a little harder to move around but I'm not terribly uncomfortable. This is the calmest Larsen baby by far. He still hasn't kicked the wiggling up like the other three did. That's part of the fun of seeing how each baby is different!

Also, only 8 weeks until the big move! I can't believe it! I know that it will be here before we know it. I'm sure at some point I will emote via this blog but right now I feel pretty emotionally stable. It is such an exciting yet sad process!
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Tricia said...

Hey, girl - you look great. I'm enjoying the headband. Fabulous.

Eight weeks! Woo-hoo!! Gracie was so excited to hear Kate was moving back. I told her, "remember playing at Kate's house," and Gracie was like, "yes, we played in her swimming pool." HA!

I hope all move related items go smoothly! :-)

The Booys said...

You really are beautiful!! You are going to snub your nose at that, but seriously. . . take it. We are so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to hear all about your impending move and the coming of cuatro!


bugs & sunshine said...

love the picture!

love the headband!!!