Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Away

We were very blessed to have the chance to spend a weekend away at a friend's mountain house. The warm spring weekend that we had hoped for ended up being a cozy, snowy weekend but we had a blast. The mountains were beautiful and we were in desperate need of an escape.
This is a picture that Chris took of Kate by a beautiful creek that we drove over going to and from the mountain house.
On Sunday, Chris went fly fishing for the morning and we went exploring after lunch. The kids tend to turn every creek into a rock skipping excursion. At least they don't throw them at each other yet.
This is us on the steps of the mountain house. The dog belongs to the neighbors and this was the only picture where he didn't walk right in front of the family. You might almost think that we were dog people. : )
These pics were taken on part of the river where Chris went fishing. There was one area where you could walk along the river and so he took us to see. The kids were really excited to see where dad had fished!

Thanks Donia and Chris for sharing your weekend getaway with us!!


Tricia said...

Great pictures. It looks so nice and peaceful there.

I'm glad to see the "plague" has passed and the Larsons are well and had a fun family getaway!!

When are you moving back???
Talk soon - Tricia :-)

Christy said...

Those are some great photos. What a beautiful family ...

bugs & sunshine said...

luke said after every single picture, mom, who's that? he wants to know if caleb goes to bsf. i said no, because he lives far away. why? he cannot understand why we don't pass by caleb's house when we go to mcdonald's. why? he wants to know where georgia's house is. oh the questions!