Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!

Luke turned 4 this week which is amazing in itself! He had a pirate party on Saturday but for his actually birthday dinner he had requested pirate pasta with alfredo sauce. Wow, what a celebratory meal! We decided to have a pirate dinner where we didn't use plates/forks (well, I tried), used pirate manners and used a lot of pirate talk. It was super fun and a great way to prepare for the party to come!

Part of Luke's party was the hunt for buried treasure. Chris told the kids a story about how Captian Bravebeard brought him and map and told him to keep secret the location of his buried treasure. The kids were super excited to head out to find the treasure!

After the treasure hunt and a few more pirate games, we had the cake. Luke was super excited about his treasure box cake and it's amazing how much cake 4 year olds can eat!

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!!

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lauramurtha said...

OK, several things...First off, how darn creative are you for thinking of such a precious themed birthday party?!?! Mom of the year award is in order for Mrs. Larsen. Secondly, I love how you stretched yourself to let them eat with their hands, but you have a gallon-sized bottle of hand sanitizer in the middle of the table! Thirdly, and lastly, I LOVE your treasure box cake! I mean, seriously, how do you come up with these things? I'll be contacting you in September on a good idea for a two-year-old girl's themed party, so start thinking now.