Monday, December 28, 2009


This week is a Daddy Vacation week so as part of the vacation week festivities, Daddy went duck hunting with some friends this morning. As you can see it was a productive trip...
Everyone was excited to get in on the post hunt action!
Personally, I'm trying to keep a smile on and act like it's perfectly normal to add these to the piles already on the floor in the garage.
I feel vegetarianism (is that a word??) coming on...
(interesting side bar...the boys looked at the ducks and are now inside playing. Kate is out helping to pull feathers and cut up the meat. Something just doesn't seem right about that. lol!)
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Cinthya said...

Poor ducks! awe! Now... are you going to pluck them yourself or will you take them to a place to be plucked and get them ready to be cooked? Merry Christmas to you guys!!!!

heather said...

Chris and Kate actually plucked, skinned and cut them up. The boys didn't care a thing about them and I was too grossed out to watch!
We miss you guys!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

i think i have some julia child's duck recipes. it sounds like you need them!

the kitchen is AMAZING. ahhhh. i love all the white. the tile backsplash. the countertops. the under cabinet lighting. you did good!