Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Late Birthday Kate and Caleb!

We could not have two children that are more alike than Kate and Caleb. Born exactly 4 years and 1 month apart, they have the same sleep patterns, same drama, same energy level. They are both loving, kind and FULL of life!

Kate is definitely the leader of the kids. She LOVES her siblings as if they were her own children. She wants to be a mother hen and the little boys really respond to her. It's a blessing to watch them interact with her (most of the time).
Kate is caring and crazy. She is CONSTANTLY talking and wants to be in EVERYONE'S conversation. She is servanthearted and loving. We are thankful that God chose to give us such a sweet little girl!

Caleb is rowdy and wild, yet sweet and cuddly. His smile can melt your heart and cause you to forget whatever consequence you were about to give and just snuggle. He is fun loving, cheerful and full of energy. He brings such a joy to my heart.
His will can rival anyone's in the family and he LOVES to push his siblings buttons (on accident of course). His charisma brings life to our family and we would not be the same without him!
Kate and Caleb we love you and we are so thankful that God chose you each to be a part of our family!

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richies said...

Children are such a blessing.

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