Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventure Camping

A few weekends ago, we went with some friends up to Tyler Bend on the Buffalo River. It was beautiful and super fun. It went from an easy weekend of camping to an adventure on the first night when winds that could send Dorothy back to Oz threatened to blow us back to Little Rock. Those winds brought in a nice thunderstorm and knocked some friends' tent down. That led to us adding four more "family members" to our tent for the night.

The rain continued through the next morning and into the first part of the afternoon. We persevered and, by about 2:00, were able to enjoy a beautiful day. We ended the trip with a record low of 42 degrees. Those of you with young children realize that's REALLY cold. Especially for little ones who don't have the extra warm sleeping bags or the 9 month old baby in the pack n play.

Fortunately we made it through and after we thawed out the second morning, we enjoyed a few more beautiful hours by the Buffalo. Camping is always an adventure!

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