Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful Boston

Chris had a work conference in Boston at the beginning of the month and my in-laws lovingly volunteered to keep 3/4 of our kids if I wanted to go with him. I don't know if they thought I would take them up on it but I did. And I am so glad!! Since Chris would be in meetings all day, I invited my mom along and we had a blast!

This is the view out of one of the windows in our hotel room. Well, out of the upgraded room we received. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I could have actually stayed in the room all day long and been perfectly happy.
Being in Boston made me miss the city. I would LOVE to live there (as long as I could vacation in the south during the winter).

On our first night we ate at the Ol' Union Oyster House which is the oldest restaurant in America. It was one of JFK's favorite restaurants and we actually got to sit in his favorite booth! It even had a sign! (unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me)

We got cannelloni from Mike's pastry shop and enjoyed exploring the city. I would love to go back today!!!

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Cinthya said...

Loved the pics! I have a list of cities in the US that I would like to visit someday: Boston, Washington,D.c. Chicago, Savannah, GA. Someday, amiga!

Christy said...

How fun! Phil's been wanting me to go to Boston with him ... I'll have to take him up on it. :-)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

oh how much fun is that?!! i LOVE boston too!! glad you had a nice trip!

Sarah said...

Yea! I didn't know you had a I can spend the next few hours reading through everything and catching up with you! We LOVE Boston and we LOVE Mike's Pastries even more. Oh my goodness, the cannolis! Looks like a really fun trip! You and your mom look great! And your children are absolutely adorable! Great to see you guys!