Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our resident Treasure hunter

Luke's ability to collect treasures is unbelievable. He has pockets full of bounty that he adds to his collection daily. It doesn't matter if we are on a walk, in a parking lot, or shopping at Hobby Lobby, his eagle eye will gain him a new treasure EVERYTIME! Here is one day's worth of treasures.

We must not have gone anywhere that day because his loot is pretty light. lol!

Even though I have given him a special cup to collect all of his treasure in, he asks me every day if he can "hang them on his wall". Since that's not exactly the decorating style I'm going for, we decided last weekend that it might be good for him to create something with Dad out of his treasures. This is what he has made...

He was VERY proud of his creation! And I must say, it was pretty cool. He called it a rocketship and has it in a special place up in his room. Now if any of you have any other ideas of what to do with the rest of the treasures please feel free to share.


thomson family said...

He takes after Chris. Chris used to dig out of the trash cans in elem. school and bring home "treasures". But seriously, my boys do the same thing. So, we made a treasure box (wood box from hobby lobby and painted it) and they store all of their "collectables" in their treasure box.

A Dudley said...

You have some great pictures on here! Didn't know you were such a good photographer...and you've got great subjects too!

An idea I saw in a magazine was to glue objects on a mirror frame. You could do several frames w/ his treasures glued on them. Then hang them up with personal pictures inside of them. Maybe group the treasures by similar colors...creating a frame that is mostly red, one with blues, etc. Here is a link to the magazine project.

bugs and sunshine said...

that is SO sweet.


so cute!

Cinthya said...

Hola Luke! I like your rocket treasure. Maybe I should start collecting some of my own! I could also collect rocks,sea shells, dead coral. I love going to the beach. Come see me! Linda G. Tumlison