Thursday, January 17, 2008


We are in our 3rd year here in Atlanta and have never seen snow. Our friends and family in Arkansas have had numerous snow days since we've been gone and we've had NOTHING! BUT...yesterday that all changed!
We had our first snow here and it was so fun! It started about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and it was huge swirling flakes. The kids were so excited! They just ran around and around in the yard for an hour in pure joy. I even picked my own sick, lazy self up and took Caleb out. It wasn't his fault that I felt so terrible and so why should he have to miss out of his first snow ever and I must say that I was glad that I went out. It was snowing hard, even though it wasn't cold enough to really accumulate and so it was fun to just be out in it.
Chris took the kids out again after dinner and they played around again. Unfortunately, it has all melted now and there was no snow day from school today. But I won't complain! We are so thankful to have had our few hours of wintery bliss!

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annawanamaker said...

yeah how fun is that! and look at your little fashion bugs in their cute winter coats, very sweet!