Monday, September 10, 2007

A weekend full of fun

The kids have been dying to have a lemonade stand. They have talked about it all summer. And being the fun, energetic, creative parents that we are, we have postponed the great economic endeavor until what we felt like was the last possible day. The kids gathered all of the supplies and set up outside the back fence. Full of excitement and anticipation of all of the quarters they would rake in, they were ready to take on all of the thirsty athletes who would cross their paths. Little did we know that it was the first day of baseball season, which turned out to be in our favor. The sun was bright, the temperature was toasty and the concession stand was closed, which made Kate and Luke the best and only option in the area. They had a blast and ended the LONG 2 1/2 hours of business with a total of $8.35 which was divided as equally as possible. They were super excited and already discussing plans for next weekend. They felt they had built a rapport with their customers and were confident they would experience some loyalty next Sunday.

Here Kate and Luke work on the Lemonade sign. Kate was gracious enough to allow
her brother to color at least 2 of the letters on the sign.

This is their first customer. He stayed a LONG TIME (according to Kate). I think he would have stayed longer
had his parents agreed. He actually tried to go inside with me once just to check things out.
He's one of those kids who feels VERY comfortable minutes after meeting you.

Kate was vigilant to man the stand. Luke, on the other hand, was a little less focused. You can see his feet in the background which is where he spent most of his time.

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